Mozbar Explained PA vs DA

mozbar-upgradeBefore discussing MozRank, it might be helpful to understand where it came from. Not so many years ago, Google’s page rank was a very important metric to help webmasters understand how important that Google believed their pages were. In those days, this rank was updated frequently.

Google Page Rank

Google page rank, or PR, was mostly based upon the number and quality of incoming links, and at first, it was pretty highly correlated with how well a page would fair in search engine queries. A couple of years ago, Google began to use lots of other factors besides links to score pages and stopped updating this metric very often.

Even if it was still somewhat important, looking at any website’s PR was sort of like looking at the light from a distant star. Today, most webmasters don’t really give Google’s page rank that much credit because it is seldom (if ever) updated any more and does not correlate that well to search engine ranks.

MozBar: PA and DA

MOZ PA and DA rankEven while webmasters were still discussing page rank quite a bit, Moz came up with their own metric. They believed it correlated better with search engine ranks and gave more information. They called their own rank “authority.” It had two parts that were both pretty important:

* PA: This stands for page authority, and it is the measure of a specific page on a domain.

* DA: This stands for domain authority, and it measures the strength of the entire domain.

I many cases, the DA would be stronger than the PA, but that was not always true. Some websites had many individual pages that were stronger than the actual home page. Of course, it was also true that websites could have pages that ranked higher than the domain back in the old Google PR days too.

The Advantages Of Using PA And DA

Of course, the biggest advantage to using Moz scores is that they are frequently updated, so the information is much fresher than page rank probably ever was. Also, most webmasters believe the score is more informative and accurate. To understand this, it is important to understand that page rank was based upon a 10-point scale with many graduations between the integers.

There could be a big difference between a site that ranmoked 4.0 and 4.5, but webmasters would only ever see a 4 until the site either moved up to a 5 or dropped back to a 3.

Both DA and PA are graded upon a 100-point log scale. This means that it gets increasingly harder to move up. For example, it would be much easier to move a site from a 10 to a 20 than it would be to move a site from a 50 to a 60. Still, since the scales is graduated with 100 ranking points, it is 10 times as informative as page rank on that basis alone.

Also, webmasters generally understood how page rank work, but Google was very secretive about specifics. Moz is much more open about the way that they calculate their ranks, so webmasters have more information to use.

Are PA And DA Good Measures Of Authority?

Even Moz does not claim their scale is perfect. However, they constantly analyze and compare it with actual website search engine rankings. It is safe to claim it is one of the best predictors of ranking out there. SHS Services an SEO Dubai company says It is not possible to say that a better PA or DA will always increase a site’s rank, but it is probably safe to say that websites in competitive niches that do not have a good page or domain authority will not do that well in searches.